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Family-Friendly Dining & Drinks at The Greenwood Alibi Room

Posted on February 27, 2014

Family-Friendly Dining & Drinks at The Greenwood Alibi Room

The Alibi Room in Post Alley has long been a go-to spot for excellent brick oven pizza, drinks, and snacks. Our latest addition to the Alibi Room business is our Greenwood Alibi Room, where our renowned dining and drinks are offered in a more family-friendly environment (plus, parking is a lot easier!).

When you and the kiddos are looking for some delicious pizza made with quality, fresh ingredients, the Greenwood Alibi Room is the place to go.

Our appetizer menu includes classic favorites such as Spinach Artichoke Dip and Bruschetta. We also have some tasty, more ‘adult friendly’ appetizers (although kids often love them too!) like our White Bean Hummus and the Roasted Garlic Bulb with house-made focaccia.

Kids love our incredible Mac & Cheese, which can be made spicy in our signature Alibi Room dish, or without the heat for kids who are sensitive to spice. The dish is creamy and delicious with extra-sharp aged white Tillamook cheddar cheese and our house blend of flavorful spices. You can add any meat for just $2 to make it more of a balanced meal. And crispy crostini is served on the side!

The Greenwood Alibi Room has several incredible pizza combinations to please the kids and offer something fresh and unique for Mom and Dad.

There’s simplicity in The Classic (pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce), Four Cheese, and Pine ‘n Swine (Zoe’s ham with pineapple and house cheese) for kids to enjoy complaint-free. Plus, you can build-your-own pizza if your child has more adventurous tastes.

Our more unique, popular pizzas include the Chicken & Jalapeño (beer-braised chicken on garlic oil with roasted red peppers, red onions, jalapeño and parmesan with cilantro to finish), Goat Cheese with Prosciutto & Arugula, or the Bacon Bleu & Caramelized Onions (bacon, caramelized onions and gorgonzola cheese on garlic oil with fresh oregano).

We’re always happy to host your family or group parties for a night out or special celebration! Contact us to discuss group dining options, or drop on by for a delicious pizza (plus great beer and wine for the adults).