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Why Brick Oven Pizzas are Better

Posted on January 29, 2014

Why Brick Oven Pizzas are Better

Pizza is one of the most joyfully shared meals around, and has been for quite some time. But when you’re choosing between a boring oven-baked pie and one of our brick oven specialties, here’s why brick oven pizzas are better and should be your choice:

  • Crust Texture: For some, pizza is all about the ingredients and toppings, but for others, it’s about the crust! A pizza baked in a brick oven will come out a fluffy, light crust that has just a hint of smoky flavor. We don’t know about you, but that sounds much better to us than a thick, hard-to-chew crust on a normal oven-baked pizza. It’s also a lot better than those soggy, greasy crusts you find on
  • Unique Taste: You just can’t reproduce the delicious, slightly smoky flavor of real brick oven pizza in your home oven. The super high temperatures of brick ovens produce a special flavor, while cooking the pizza’s toppings evenly. Veggies will be crispier, cheese won’t burn, and the overall flavor will be tasty and unique.
  • Faster Bake Time: Heat radiates from the heat source and spreads evenly around the oven. Since a brick oven gets super hot inside (between 570 to 660 degrees) and the brick walls store such high heat, it only takes a couple of minutes to cook a delicious pizza. Additionally, the heat is spread evenly around the oven with a slightly cooler surface beneath the pizza, making for a really good, evenly cooked pizza pie!
  • Better Nutrition: Because the brick oven pizzas will cook faster, the vitamins and nutrients stored in your pizza’s toppings will stick around to benefit your health. Long-baking normal pizzas have a tendency to get dried out and many nutrients are sucked out, but your brick oven pizza will produce a pie covered in crisp, nutrient-rich toppings (of course, depending on what you top your pizza with).

Enjoy your delicious brick oven pizzas from the Alibi Room in Greenwood!